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Monday, 27 January 2014

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[APP][2.2+][2014-01-28][KitKat Flat Layout] IOS7 Instagram



Okay, lets face it. We're all tired of the Instagram layout, its seriously bland and just doesn't fit in with the newer versions of the Android OS. It seems like we're stuck on the old layouts whilst Apple devices get the new intuitive layout and design. Which doesn't all seem so fair, as Android has such a large community and we expect up-to-date apps. So without further ado try my new Instagram mod, this is a fully functional app, with new layouts and tabbing functions. Please note that this is not yet finished, but I'm trying my best to push new updates! Thanks.


Instagram Flat IOS7 Style 0.3 - DOWNLOAD - (Latest Instagram Update)

Instagram Flat IOS7 Style 0.2 - Hotfix - DOWNLOAD - (Latest Instagram Update)


Instagram Flat IOS7 Style 0.1 - DOWNLOAD - (Latest Instagram Update)

Instagram Beta DarkGrey - DOWNLOAD - (Latest Instagram Update)

If you have Instagram already installed, please uninstall it, then download the modded one and install as a normal .apk. This app can be installed over the original Instagram, but glitches occur. Better off to clean install the app.

 I don't know? You tell me.

0.3 -
-New KitKat Translucent layouts
Tinted status module, will not work on JB and Lower!
-Reverted News tabs to BETA ones
-Camera layout UI Edits
-Map Navigation option tabs
-Action bar buttons - Darker when pressed
-New Flat Buttons - Follow - Unfollow

0.2 -
-Quick Fix
-Fixed Dimension Errors
-Fixed Warped Action bar

BETA 0.1 -
-Removed all changes from BETA
-Flat colours added:
-Tabs/Bars/Action Bars/Buttons
-Image Straightening Pointer
-Map Buttons (1/11?)
-News Tab (Following - You) Buttons
-Workaround -Buttons missing shadow
-Same Flat Icon
-IOS styled "Like" and "Comment" buttons

-New Icon
-Dark Grey Tabs
-Dark Grey Action Bar
-Light Grey Bottom tab present
-New Tab Tray Icons
-Removed Blurr Startup
-Dark Grey Pressed Buttons

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O Fundão se Diverte said...

How do you have with facebook apps, whatsapp?

Putra Mike said...

Can you mod other apps with ios7 ui ? Please

Dhairya Gandhi said...

Yeah If you need, I have a black themed facebook and also you can try whatsapp+ for customization and themes.

Dhairya Gandhi said...

Like? What do you need?