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Thursday, 17 April 2014

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[APP][4.1+] SlideLock

SlideLock is a clean custom lockscreen for Android with advanced notification display.

Features :
- Clean lockscreen replacement
- Swipe the screen to the right to unlock, swipe it to the left to access camera
- Actionable detailed notifications, swipe to the right to open, swipe to the left to dismiss
- Custom status bar
- Screen wakes up for a short time when receiving a notification, allowing you to perform a quick check without having to touch the device
- Custom settings for each app (sound, vibration, ...)
- Pebble Watch support

Download SlideLock on Google Play

Changelogs :

1.4 :
- Bug fixes
- Added setting to display system apps in the list
- Added check all/uncheck all option
- PRO : Added proximity setting

1.3 :
- Bug fixes
- Added black list setting to prevent banner notifications to appear when using choosen apps

1.2 :
- Added transparent status bar/navigation bar for Android 4.4
- Updated translations
- Fixed banner behavior (swipe to dismiss, click to open)
- Fixed date setting
- Fixed pro version check. Now the app will check for the pro version 3 times in 2min on reboot to prevent not detecting. The app will also check on launch, so if the device hasn't been connected to the Internet for a while after boot, launching the app will retrieve the pro version status.
- Increased swipe sensitivity
- Unlocked banners setting for free version
- Bug fixes