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Saturday, 29 June 2013

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[4.3]Apps+Bootanimation From Google Play Edition S4 and HTC One

Apps From Google Play Edition S4 and HTC One :

Scarcely a day has passed since the Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 and HTC One went on sale, and their software bits are already floating around online. You can grab the files to get the new red SunBeam live wallpaper, boot animation, and updated camera app on your device.

The new boot animation is a group of spinning Google-color dots. It's a nice-looking animation and it's not hard to install.
1.Place the ZIP in /system/media
2.Fix permissions rw-r-r- with a root file explorer
You can try the flashable one from below :
1.Place the ZIP in SD card
2.Go to Recovery
3.Just flash it.
Bootanimation Manual : MANUAL
Bootanimation Flashable : FLASHABLE

The camera app has the updated finger-friendly setting menu, volume toggle shutter control, and probably some other tweaks,can be installed normally : CAMERA

The live wallpaper can be installed normally. The file is right here : SUNBEAM


Shaikh Azhar said...

hey DG ur amazing.... i imply luv ur Rom man..cracked it at first go....Thanks man